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For your pumping projects, HYDROMOBIL sas offers innovative water pumping solutions by introducing mobility. This technology allows adaptation to fluctuating water levels to capture the optimal water quality (water surface, specific immersion or specific depth).

We are engaged in manufacturing of structures, installation, commissioning and after sales service of pumping stations.

  • Drinking Water Supplies
  • Agriculture Fish farming Irrigation
  • Industrial Air Conditioning
  • Sanitation
  • Prevention of pollution
  • Industries Civil Engineering
  • Civil Security Floods protection
Technical advantages Economic benefits To come
  • Adapted to hight water level variations
  • Prevention of siltation and clogging
  • Pumping in a selected deph
  • Filtration upstream of pumping
  • Washing process for structures interior
  • Easy maintenance from the river bank
  • Pumping of large volume in low water level
  • Upgradable and movable pumping solution
  • Good site and environment integration
  • Reduced costs for civil engineering works
  • Reduced installation time and costs
  • Low operating and maintenance costs


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